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     Vision & Mission







Corporate Vision & Mission




The progress of a nation is equated with the development of high-rise buildings, impressive highways and bridges, efficient public infrastructure and industrialisation – all of which requires vital back-up infrastructure aid from the engineering sector. Zaidun- Leeng has for years provided such support, while ensuring projects are implemented to specification, within budget and on schedule, thus accomplishing our mission to help Malaysia develope in more ways than one.

We also look forward to playing a continuous active role in nation-building towards realising the Malaysian economic model of shared prosperity by 2030. We plan to undertake our role effectively through strict adherence to the highest standards of ethics and integrity, conducting our business in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

The changes in today’s aspect of engineering require use of more efficient, sophisticated and advanced technologies that allows seamless interface between project participant, stakeholders and end users. At Zaidun-Leeng the development and growth of our employees are of paramount importance in capacity building competent and innovative workforce. With our good record of accomplishments, financial strength, co-operative associates and clientele, we are geared to chart new frontiers in the region and beyond.